En_Europass CV G.Zaharia Jan. 2018               En Europeaid CV G.Zaharia Jan. 2018


Gabriel has 20 years experience on EU Aid Schemes, evaluating more than 1500 EU project proposals:

  • Regional Operational Programme – Evaluation of 75 project  proposals on various priorities including: thermal insulation, roads, ambulatories, emergency sanitary units (Apr 2018 – Present)
  • World Bank Assistance for Ministry of Waters and Forests – Technical Assistance for the Evaluation of the Concept Notes and Full Proposals (Intervention Areas 1,2 and 4) received under Calls launched within the Integrated Nutrient Pollution Control Project (INPCP) – Additional Financing (Nov 2017 – Aug 2018)
  • Regional Operational Programme – Evaluation of 135 project  proposals on Micro-entreprises (POR 2.1.A) and 45 project proposals on Small and Medium Entreprises (POR 2.2) (2017)
  • Administrative Capacity Programme – Evaluation of 21 project proposals dealing with the Implementation of Quality Management on Public Institutions (2017)
  • Eastern Partnership Territorial Cooperation Programme Moldova – Ukraine – Evaluation of CBC projects (2015-2016)
  • Competitivity Sectorial Programme: Subsequent 9 MFE – Authority of Certification and Payments from Ministry of  Public  Finance – Ex-post Evaluation of proiect proposals on POSDRU (2014-2015)
  • Competitivity Sectorial Programme: Subsecquent 4 MFE: Evaluation of Competitivity Poles (2013-2014)
  • Competitivity Sectorial Programme: Subsecquent 1 MFE:  Evaluation of Investments on Entreprises and Competitivity Poles: (2013-2014)
  • Regional Operational Programme: Micro-entreprises Finance (2014)
  • Regional Operational Programme: Touristic Information Centers and Country Brand (2013)
  • Competitivity Sectorial Programme: IT projects for SME (2013)
  • Regional Operational Programme: Infrastructure projects on Social Services,  Schools, Health, Tourism, Patrimony, Roads (2010)
  • Black Sea 2007-2013: Infrastructure and business development (2010)
  • CBC Romania – Bulgaria: Infrastructure and business development (2010 & 2011)
  • CBC Romania – Ukraine – Moldova: Infrastructure and business development (2010) 
  • Competitivity Sectorial Programme: Renewable Energy (2010)
  • Administrative Capacity: PODCA (2007 – 2012)
  • Human Resources: PHARE (2006) & POSDRU (2008-2014)
  • Social Assistance: PHARE (2001, 2003, 2005),  POSDRU (2008-2014),


  • Project Management, public procurement, evaluation and monitoring of the projects on: local public administration , social assistance, human resources development, regional development, cross border and territorial cooperation. 
  • As Public Procurement Expert, Gabriel Zaharia elaborated and developed public procurement procedures – Purchase of video equipment for the firts movie festival TIFF Transilvania, aquisition of the credit of 100 milions for economic recovery of the Romanian Television and coordinated and monitored 40 projects on social infrastructure developed under the projects PHARE “Children First”, proiects including procurement of works, supplies and services for family type services (family homes, day care centers, emergency centers) to close old residential type centers , fpublic procurement expert and financial expert for the grants contracted on Local Modernization Grant of Local Public Administration I, IV si V.
  • As Personal Adviser of the State Secretary of National Authority for Chidren’s Rights, Gabriel coordoninated and monitored public procurement related to National Interest Programs.
  • As independent expert contracted by KPMG, Gabriel participated to control missions on public procurement for projects contracted within POSCCE, Axe 3 .


  • University Degree – Geophysics (1989-1994)
  • University Degree – Finance & Banking (2003-2007)
  • Master – Hydrogeology (1994-1995)
  • Master of Business Administration (1995-1997)
  • Master of Public Administration (2003-2005)


  • “Strenghtening the Institutional Capacity of Ex-Ante System Control in Public Procurement”, project financed through Transition Facility 2007, Beneficiary: Unit for Coordination and Checking of Public Aquisitions, Ministry of Public Finance
  • „Training services to prevent the situations of fraud, incompatibilities, conflicts of interests and irregularities” within Management Authority , Intermediary Bodies, and binstitutiilor beneficiary institutions on Regional Operational Programme.


  • Proiects Evaluations , Expert on Accesion of Structural Funds and Cohesion, Project Management, Public Procurement, Strategic Planning, Quality Management, Lobby & Advocacy.
  • Gabriel was Training Expert  and Trainer for private companies (Euro Best Team, Harrison Consulting, Open Professional  Consult), Technical Assistance Projects and National Administration Institute schedule.



Profesional Association created in 2010, 67 founding members, Evaluators of  Financial Proposals from 8 Regional Development Areas (NUTS II) din Romania.

  • National Foundation of Young Managers – FNTM www.fntm.ro

Foundation created in 1997 by alumni of MBA from National School Of Political and Administrative Studies – SNSPA and Management Center for Technologic Transfer – CEMATT and Association  of  Consultants Managers from Romania – AMCOR.

  • Patron Association of Professional Training Suppliers  from Romania www.apffp.ro.

Patron Association created in 2011 by 35 accredited firms in  professional training.

Professional Association created in 2012. Promoting the profession of specialist in Lobby.